Reiki 3 Master Level

Reiki level 3 is open to anybody that has completed the first 2 levels.. We prefer if you had at least 1 year practicing Reiki since your level 2 course.

The Reiki 3 level is a wonderful course to complete for your own self development where you will receive the last 2 of the Reiki symbols and be shown how to use them. The master symbols complete the Reiki journey and allow you, the practitioner, to bring through you, very powerful Reiki energy. The attunement deepens your connection yet again to the energy. You are now a Reiki Master and you have the possibility to learn how to teach all the levels of Reiki should you so wish.

In this course we also include:

  • Initiation to ‘YOD’
  • Work with Angels of the violet flame
  • Work with dowsing and the pendulum
  • Initiation to order of Melchizedek
  • Deeper techniques of clearing and manifestation