Sound Healing


Sound healing using Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, bells and drums are used as both tools of relaxation and clearing. The sounds have a profoundly calming effect on all systems of the body where the instruments can be used separately or all together in a Sound Bath. They are also used for clearing any stuck or unwanted energies either in the aura or your personal living spaces.

The spaces we live in can become cluttered energetically. No more than any room in your house that needs to be tidied, everyday negative experiences, thoughts and feelings can get stuck in spaces in your home and a Sound Bath is the perfect way to clear the energy and leave your home sparkling white and vibrant. You can then be assured that you and your family have the best chance of peace and harmony in the home.

Old buildings and houses can retain the energy of past experiences, some remaining hundreds of years. Sometimes we can feel these energies when we walk into an old building or a room. Clearing any stuck or negative energies leaves the space free for bright, shining, vibrational light energy which affects everyone in the house in a positive way.

I also use sound in conjunction with energy healing to clear past lives and for ancestral healing. Theses are also energies that can have an impact on our lives and can present as challenges and struggles that may be difficult to overcome.
When these energies are ready to be released and healed, sound helps to neutralise the effects of past trammas and experiences that can keep us stuck in differrent areas of our lives

My service with sound instruments includes a consultation with you by Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp to determine the nature of the cleansing to be done. I then clear the energy with a combination of energy healing and sound. I make a custom signature Sound Bath for your home that can be played or left running in any room, with or without you being present.

You can also use this personal signature piece to clear your house or yourself any time you wish. Keeping your and your family’s energy at optimal levels all the time. It is like an energetic spring clean for your home!

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